Brian Brief

This light has really impressed me by the overall build quality. There aren't too many lights out there that have this type of design which makes it stand out to me. The light quality it provides is quite impressive as well, all of the plants that I've been growing with this have been thriving!


Very cost effective tent at great price. Also one of the better designed tents with5 vents and elegantly done in all black. Nothing tacky nor outlandish


They were easy enough to set up for one person. After adjusting the velcro parts there are zero light leaks. I love all the ventilation options. I couldn't be happier.


I love this LED, it’s a great addition to my garden. It’s great on my electric bill & has very little heat at all. The driver has plenty of extra cord incase you want to put it outside the tent, or on the tent ceiling. I use it from seed all throughout flower. It does just as good as my high $$$$ led